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The Triple Threat Advantage

At Triple Threat, we pride ourselves on being incredibly timely, providing a quality product and quality services and being dynamic. We have partnered with Heartland Soil Sampling and certified laboratories to bring you the most up to date technology and practices in soil sampling. We work on your schedule to make sure you are back in the field as quickly as possible.


Give us a call to see how the Triple Threat Advantage can work for your farm: 620-456-2839

About Us

Triple Threat is a progressive organization that utilizes the latest technology to maximize profitability for landowners and producers. We offer grid soil sampling and variable rate applications, which simultaneously improves soil quality while reducing the amount of inputs that are needed. By hiring the Triple Threat team, you can see long term soil improvement so that profitability can be increased through better yields. 


The difference between other applicators and Triple Threat Ag is that our team can handle the project from start to finish. We pride ourselves on a quality job, and we treat every project as if it was our own. Experienced operators, a full line of equipment, and industry leading partners ensure that we can offer the best value possible.

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