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Other Services

In addition to lime spreading, gypsum spreading, and soil sampling - our flagship services - we also offer a variety of other services to help you manage your farm or business in South Central Kansas.

Mulch Spreading

Mulch helps reduce the amount of water that evaporates from your soil and can greatly improve the amount of water that sandy soil can retain. Spreading mulch in your fields can protect against wind and rain damage, and can also reduce weed growth.

Sand Spreading

Spreading sand in your fields can improve soil density and help with water drainage. If your soil has too much organic material in it, it can become spongy and fermented. Sand spreading can fix that.

Compost Spreading

Compost loosens dense soil, allowing plant roots to easily spread and stopping erosion. Compost also increases soil's ability to retain water and helps decrease runoff by encouraging healthy root systems. We can help put more biological material in your soil. Let microbes work for you!

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Our Family Legacy

Learn more about our family legacy,  what we do, and how we can help. 

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