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Lime Spreading

Lime spreading is the tried and true way to balance the pH levels in your soil. When your pH levels are off, you are leaving yields on the table that could be attainable with lime spreading. Soil pH affects the population and activity of soil microorganisms. These organisms decompose organic matter, releasing N, P, S and several micronutrients. 

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Maximize The Efficiency of Inputs

Over time, nitrogen fertilizers lower your field’s pH level, which directly impacts the effectiveness of your inputs and crop yields.  Maximize your profits with lime spreading. 

Flat Rate and VRT Applications

Triple Threat Ag handles the job from start to finish.  In addition to applying product to your field, we source and execute the delivery of ag lime directly to your field.  The only finger you have to lift is to dial the phone. We will do the rest.  

Lime Spreading
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