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Why Lime is the Best Choice

At Triple Threat Ag, we believe that soil pH is the foundation of soil fertility. With that in mind, it has become our mission to help you test your soil, come up with a customized treatment plan, and apply products according to what your soil actually needs. Maybe you’ve wondered why we think lime is one of the best resources for healthy and sustainable soil, so we’ve put together some of our favorite benefits of lime application.

Lime Helps to Stabilize pH Levels

Soils with pH levels below 6.4 can cause your crop to stress unnecessarily. Acidity can interfere with the nutrient availability to your plants, reduce bacterial activity, and slow the release of organic matter. Overly acidic soil can also elevate some elements of your soil (Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu) to undesirable levels.

Lime Helps Stabilize Your Plants

When plants have a stable soil they are more likely to grow healthier, deeper roots. This is especially beneficial to increase drought tolerance. Lime is also a good source of calcium, helping to balance the soil’s overall nutrient makeup.

Lime is Naturally Occurring

One of the best parts of spreading lime is that it’s a naturally occurring resource. Almost all of the lime we apply is ground limestone sourced from local rock quarries. We actively communicate with different quarries to try to source a stable, consistent product that best fits the needs of the producer. Lime spreading puts these natural resources back into your soil, building the foundation for a more sustainable farming practice.

Lime Helps Optimize Fertilizers and Herbicides

Since lime helps your soil pH, it also helps fertilizers and herbicides to be more effective – and let’s face it; the synthetic products you’re applying aren’t getting any cheaper. By monitoring and correcting your soil pH, you’re ensuring the products you’re applying are being fully utilized and you’re stretching your input dollar farther.

When we treat your fields, we want to focus on what your field needs and where it needs it. We want your soil to be healthy, give you the best yields, and remain healthy for future crops and generations. To learn more or schedule any of the services we provide such as soil sampling, lime or fertilizer spreading, contact us today via phone: (620) 456-2839

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