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Custom Application

 Christine Floater

Produce better crops with higher nutrient values with Ag Lime Fertilization from Triple Threat Ag Services.

Ag Lime Fertilization for Central &
South Central Kansas

Triple Threat is a progressive organization that utilizes the latest technology to maximize profitability for landowners and producers. We offer grid soil sampling and variable rate applications, which simultaneously improves soil quality while reducing the amount of inputs that need purchased. Our goal is long term soil improvement so that increased profitability can be observed through increased yields.

We are a turnkey operation and can handle the project from start to finish. Triple Threat prides itself in a quality job and treats each project as if it was our own. We have experienced operators, a full line of equipment, and industry partners to ensure we offer the best value possible.

Triple Threat Services Offered

- Grid Soil Sampling

- Flat Rate and VRT Lime/Gypsum Spreading

- Flat Rate and VRT Fertilizer Spreading

- Yield Mapping

- VRT Seeding & Fertilizer Prescriptions


Feel free to contact us to set up a consultation to discuss your needs.