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Triple Threat Ag Services
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In the late 2000's, there was a need for lime on the family farm's acres. With the dual efforts of cousins Paul and Aaron, they decided to take the challenge on of applying lime one winter. They successfully hauled and spread 800 acres with a pull behind spreader. Knowing that there had to be a more efficient way to get the job done, the 5 cousins decided to pool resources and purchase an older 1804 Terragator with a new 3020 G4 spreader box, this started the beginning of Triple Threat. One job led to another, and neighbors talked of good timely application jobs, Triple Threat continued to grow.

As technology advanced so did Triple Threat. Their rig is equipped with GS3 mapping technology. They currently have the capabilities to do flat rate and VRT applications. Having the latest technology available enables Triple Threat to do a superior job. Whether at night or during the day, they always provide a timely professional job every time.